Ryūzo Sakuma (Japanese 佐久間 龍造 Sakuma Ryūzo) is one of the main characters of Cheer Boys!! series by Ryō Asai. He is a first-year student in Meishiin University and is a member of the male cheerleading club, Breakers.


The boy has light pink hair from his roots which go even darker as they reach to the tips; he has grey eyes and a rather feminine body shape. He's the smallest out of the Breakers.


He comes off as a very open character and when he has something he has a passion for he goes all out for it; even having to go through Hisashi Mori's workout plan.

When someone tries to bring others down, or judge other's, he will have no problem to jump right in and speak his mind, though he'll say it in the politest way possible. He even managed to surprise the rest of his team members when he went against Mori's words.

The boy is very high spirited and will never leave anyone behind. He is a bit bubbly and always fan-boy's over their team captain, Kazu.


Saku grew up around 3 older sisters who all had different passions. As a child he took part in ballet, which explains why he's so flexible and light weighted; though behind his small smile he really hated himself. As a young boy he would compare himself to the other boys in his class, who where more "man-like" "body-built" "tough" while he was there looking like a girl.

Eventually, he realised that looks didn't matter and that no one should ever have to feel bad about them selves for it and so continued on with a smile on his face. During an event that took part in school he met Kazu by bumping into him by accident. You could say it was like a "love at first sight" moment, he saw their performance, looking at them all in awe. From then on he decided to join the cheer team and has been happy ever since.


A boy who looks like a girl and doesn't have much strength, someone who has to fight and work hard for everyone else on his team. Having to work along side Takeru Andō, who he does share the "broccoli" joke with.

He has to build his core strength up and has his eyes on Kazu, who he does fan boy over quite a bit. The real reason behind it all is that he finds the male kind and caring, mostly because of their first meeting at the event.



•His first name Ryūzo means Dragon

•Other Notable characters Ryūzo's seiyū, Ayumu Murase, has voice included Shōyō Hinata from Haikyū, Joker from Mysterious Joker, Allen Walker from D.Gray-man Hallow, and Chuta Kokonose from ēlDLIVE.