Kozume Hashimoto (Japanese 橋本一馬 Hashimoto Kazuma) is one of the main characters of Cheer Boys!! series by Ryō Asai. He is a first-year sociology student at Meishiin University and is a member of the male cheerleading club, Breakers.


Kazuma has spiky black hair that points in all directions, and brown eyes. He often wears casual clothing when attending classes at university.


He‘s caring towards his friends, and the one he loves. He‘s always cheerful, but when it comes to the ones he cares about he can become quite serious.





  • Other notable characters Kazuma's seiyū, Nobuhiko Okamoto, has voiced include Usui Tamaki from Maid Sama, Yū Nishinoya from Haikyū and Karma Akabane from Assassination Classroom.

Quotes Edit

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