Kaoru has olive-coloured hair and dark red eyes, and often has a rather pissed-off facial expression on his face, tending to glare at other members who aren't on his team.


He wants to be known for his spot and that everyone would know his name. So far it has not happened and he reacts by getting angry.

In the anime he comes off rude at first, not believing in other teams and only wants to support his team and himself of course; he even mocked Kazu's idea of having an all men's cheerleading team, saying that this isn't some sort of game.

Despite being rather angsty in some scenarios, he does have a soft spot and can be really considerate at times; sometimes he does help others and he gives advice in the toughest way possible.




Kazuma HashimotoEdit

Haruki BandōEdit



"It's Hanasaki don't mess up the name of a superstar!" - Episode 12

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