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Don't be afraid to contact an admin if you have any questions on this policy

This is our policy for a user's Message Wall. All users are required to abide to these rules.

Message Wall Edit

  • This page is used for talking to other editors about an edit disagreement, bannings, questions, etc.
  • A post can be added by anyone who has a question or comment about the user. Please, respect the user.
  • When you want to start a question or discussion, start up a new topic. If you want to resume a current (or previous) question or discussion, just post a reply.
  • Don't remove info (unless done by a vandal) from the Message Wall, as the history of the Message Wall shows exactly what the user has done. This history is important when assessing the user's contributions. When you remove a topic from the Message Wall, always fill in the reason and tick the box of notifying an admin.