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Don't be afraid to contact an admin if you have any questions on this policy

This is the wiki's Image Policy: if you upload or use any pictures, they must meet these conditions (otherwise they will be deleted):


  • Files are preferred to be in PNG-format. This is the best format for high-quality pictures.
  • Images from the manga must always be blanked out. This means that all the text in the bubbles or anywhere in the panel must be erased, unless they overlap with the art of that panel.
  • Images from the anime must not contain subtitles. Always upload RAW images from the episode. The wiki understands that is not always easy, if you do upload a subbed image, an admin will try his/her best to re-upload the file without the subs.
    • Why? Because the wiki wants images from the original manga and anime, and text from the scanlation-groups or subbers is not from the original manga/anime.
  • When you upload raw manga images, blanking out is not needed. However, images from the scans are almost always of higher quality, so those are preferable.
Always license images with the fairuse template provided by the wiki

Image rulesEdit

  • Unused images will likely be deleted.
  • Non-Cheer Boys!! images are not accepted, except if they are used by a user page or blog. They are preferred to be kept to a minimum.
  • Duplicated images will be deleted. Always check if the picture hasn't been uploaded first.
  • Only official pictures are allowed on mainspace content. There is a lot of fan-art out there, don't upload it on any of our articles or image galleries. Fan-art in userpages or blogs are accepted. Sourcing and crediting the artist is required, with a written permission from the artist below the image stating his/her allowance of you uploading the image. If permission is not given, the image will be deleted.
  • Rename the file before you upload it. Sometimes saved pictures are named out of completely random letters and numbers. Change them before you upload them. If you don't, the file will be renamed, if not deleted.
  • Anime screenshot pictures must always be sourced by their respective anime episode, by adding a description with the header "source" and a bullet point stating which episode it came from.
  • In regular articles, manga pictures can be displayed via a thumbnail, slideshow or gallery. This applies to anime pictures as well, but in thumbnail they must be set to a 200px width, due to the consistent 16:9 size of the pictures.
  • Anime pictures are preferred to be in a 16:9 dimension.
  • Images used in articles have to be added to the image galleries of the respective characters on the image. Images uploaded and added only to image galleries will be deleted.