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Don't be afraid to contact an admin if you have any questions on this policy

This is our policy for our Live! Chat. All users are required to abide to these rules.

Prohibitions Edit

The followings actions are prohibited on the Chat:

  • Sexual Explicit Linking: Violation of this will get you immediately banned from chat and blocked from the wiki in its entirety.
  • Offensive Behaviour: This includes racism, religious intolerance, xenophobia, homophobia, etc. You might get a warning first depending on the severity of the offence or you might get immediately banned. If you are banned, you can regain the privilege of chat if you demonstrate good conduct.
  • Sexual Harassment of any kind. This applies to both main chat and PM.
  • Spamming: This means writing a lot of nonsense stuff like random letters or repeated sentences. Two warnings will be given first; if the attitude continues, a ban from the chat will follow.
  • Language: The Wiki employs the English language so using any other language apart from English is prohibited. However, you are free to speak other languages with another user through the use of the PM option available to all users. Warnings will be issued; if a considerable amount of warnings have been issued, a kick from chat will be issued. If this activity continues after the issued kick, a ban will be set in place.
  • If a user shows objectionable behaviour that is not directly identified by the list above, but is for some reason unacceptable in chat and receives complaints from other people in chat, the chat mods or admins have the freedom to issue a kick or a ban. This will most likely be subjective, but can't be helped if the community deems it necessary.

Infractions Edit

If you've suffered from an infraction mentioned above, take a screenshot of the conversation and relate it to a chat mod or an administrator if one wasn't online at that time.

NotesEdit Edit

  • You can find a complete list of usable emoticons here.